About Us

DIRECT YOUR LIFE understands that correctional institutions have become a melting pot of untapped potential. Over 90% of inmates arrive at these institutes without a high school diploma while over 70% have never made it past the 9th grade. Once equipped with the proper education and reintegration coaching, the transformation potential for the truly reformed correctional resident, their family and community is limitless.


We’ve discovered that in order to produce a real and lasting transformation in the lives of the individuals (adult and youth), a holistic approach is essential. In addition to providing a support system, we coach on building successful habits that will bring them closer to their goals and realizing their true potential.


Olusola Olumogba

In 2007, Olusola was faced with his biggest life challenge. As a bright student athlete, he had many opportunities of becoming a professional football player until he found himself embroiled in the criminal justice system. Ultimately, a few wrong choices led to his incarceration. During his time in prison and upon release he realized just how little support was available to recently released individuals. And even
more specifically resources and support from people with similar lived experiences as him.


He quickly understood that his success with reintegration would be dependent on the type of community supports he could access. While he was lucky to have close family and friends help him get back on his
feet, he realized that most individuals in his position do not. This is when Olusola began to focus his efforts on providing tools and guidance to others in conflict with the law who were in need of positive
coaching in order to help rebuild their lives. This is how Direct Your Life was born.


He quickly realized that he would be able to connect with these individuals on a deeper lever because he understood what they experienced. He firmly believes that if he can lead by example he can show others in conflict with the law that there is hope for a positive life after any setback. With adult populations his efforts are geared towards channeling the entrepreneurial passion and staying committed to self-improvement. With his youth programs, he focuses on building self-confidence through sports and mentorship.

Olusola Olumogba is a former collegiate athlete who like many others had the goals of playing professional football. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he pursued professional football opportunities that never came to fruition. Following this, he began a brief stint as a CFL agent, which led him to finding his passion as a pro scout and the birth of his other business InstantScouting in 2011.