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Direct Your Life understands that correctional institutions have become a melting pot of untapped potential. Over 90% of inmates arrive at these institutions without a high school diploma, while over 70% have never made it past the ninth grade. Once equipped with the proper life skills, education and reintegration coaching, the potential for a successful reintegration back to society is more likely.

Mission & Approach

Our objective is to make positive changes in the community through a Restorative Approach. This approach is essential to produce a real and lasting transformation in the lives of individuals. DIRECT YOUR LIFE coaches these individuals on building good habits that foster success, while also providing meaningful connections and a positive support system.

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- What We do -

Direct Your Life is the only support group for Black youth in conflict with the law in the Greater Toronto Area.

We provide a support system to help at-risk youth or recently released people find housing, employment and/or schooling support through a variety of mentoring programs. 


- Who We Are -

We are a non-profit organization in the Greater Toronto Area run by Peer Mentors with lived experience navigating the criminal justice system in Canada. 

All members of our team aspire to empower our participants by providing the tools and mentorship for success.

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- Why We Serve -

Our objective is to prevent incarceration and recidivism among at-risk youth and recently released people in the Black community. Our mentorship programs aims to help our participants establish strong leadership skills, meaningful connections as well as help guide them to a healthy and successful integration back to society.

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