Why We Are Unique

We are people with lived experience 

We are the only support group for offenders in the Greater Toronto Area.  We have lived the experience of navigating back into society.  We

  • Provide a support system to help recently released offenders find jobs, housing and educational opportunities

  • Coach on successful habits such as networking and building positive relationships

  • Help achieve their goals such as starting their own business and graduating college/university


We create peer mentors

Once settled, our participants become mentors to other recently released offenders.


We reduce costs to society

The cost of incarceration is about $100,000/person/year.  In Canada, our criminal justice system costs about $9billion/year.  70% of offenders end up re-offending.


We hope to make a difference.

We provide leadership and sports programming to our partners John Howard Society, For Youth Initiative, Yonge Street Mission and the Salvation Army.