Restorative Approach

DIRECT YOUR LIFE adopts a Restorative approach to our mentoring programs. The Restorative paradigm sees “crime” as harm done to other people (physical, material and emotional) which are violations of relationships, and focuses on repairing trauma as well as restoration of relationships. It is used as a framework for individual engagement, for relationship building, and for building community systems and organizations. This approach can be used from every day human interaction to more serious trauma and harm-related events. A Restorative approach provides a framework and practice model which offers a platform for delivering individual and group mentoring support which is universally recognized around the world. The group component is referred to as “circles” or “peacemaking circles,” which builds on Indigenous and traditional communities’ practices and values.

DIRECT YOUR LIFE’s foundational approach aims to address the eight criminogenic risk factors. These risk factors are characteristics, traits, problems and/or issues of an individual that relates to their likelihood to reoffend and/or to commit a crime.

This includes:

  • History of criminal behaviour

  • Antisocial personality

  • Antisocial cognition

  • Antisocial associates

  • Substance abuse problems

  • Employment or education instability

  • Low engagement in prosocial leisure pursuits, and/or

  • Family and martial problems