Imagine a time when offenders are integrated back into society.  They can find a job and a new network to support their adjustment so they don’t return to their old bad habits.  Imagine a time when offenders are rehabilitated and supported, not left alone.


Without us, our clients would struggle to find a job, 70% will reoffend. We are a small, volunteer-run nonprofit serving the Greater Toronto Area community.  We partner with established agencies such as the John Howard Society and the Salvation Army by providing programming.


See the difference your support can make:


  • $50 pays for a xxx

  • $200 pays for tickets to a sports event for a mentor and mentee.

  • $1000 buys xxx

  • $10,000 buys xxx


We are a registered nonprofit.  We can give you a business receipt, not a tax receipt.


Thank you


When offenders are released they typically have nothing.  They need to start again.  Our participants need:

  • refurbished laptops and chargers

  • athletic gear such as t-shirts 

  • tickets to games/events so that mentors can take their new mentees.

Call us at 1-888-619-4399