Community Advisor Certificate

Direct Your Life has developed a professional development certificate that provides Community Advisors with the tools to engage better with individuals with criminal records re-entering society. 

Community Advisors will be equipped with: 

  • Knowledge of re-entry journey pain points, and critical points leading to recidivism

  • Understanding the experiences and pain points of people with criminal records

  • Common list of strategies (goals, activities, resources) to overcome challenges (support mentee goal setting, and guide coaching tactics)

  • Sensitivity to contemporary cultural experiences and pop culture of Black Youth

  • Skills for relationship building

  • Strategies to motivate and inspire mentees

  • Resources, tools and instructions to begin mentoring 

The Curriculum 

Module 1 - Understanding Community Advisor Role and Process Boundaries

Module 2 - Conflict Resolution and De-escalation 

Module 3 - Youth Criminal Justice Act, Canada Criminal Justice Act, Correctional Service Canada and Ministry of Community Correctional Services 

Module 4 - Lived Experience Panel

Module 5 - Creating Empowering Relationships

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