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Supporting a cause comes in a variety of ways.  Donations are one of the most common ways to give back to your community with the least hassle.  We believe that the society we live in and what happens in it, will largely depend on what kind of leaders we are taking the time to develop RIGHT NOW!  Whether gifts such as refurbished laptops, athletic gear, tickets to a game, money or your time and energy, never underestimate how much your contribution can impact the lives of the communities we serve.

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Volunteering is an amazing way to gain work experience, learn new skills and give back to your community.  By offering your expertise you can expand your professional network while helping a young person's journey towards achieving success. At DIRECT YOUR LIFE we welcome volunteers to come and be a part of our movement as we empower people to give back to the communities they live in. 



At DIRECT YOUR LIFE, we look for people who want to combine their professional talent with our purposeful mission.  


Positions do become available from time to time and will be posted accordingly.

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